Freihofer Septic Design
Video Inspections & System Evaluation
At Freihofer Septic Design we provide an evaluation rather than an inspection of a septic system.
Evaluation for Septic Solution

Aside from real estate evaluations we provide evaluations (septic system Inspection) tailored to a specific problem that you might be having with your septic system. The result being a repair or a septic solution to resolve your issue. Please give us a call and we would be happy to evaluate your system based upon the problems you are experiencing.

Septic Tank back up and leaking out on the ground surface. Don’t let this happen to you give us a call if you are experiencing problems.

Evaluations for Real Estate

We provide septic system evaluations for real estate transactions. A typical evaluation for a previously occupied property would include the following:

  • Review the existing septic plan
  • Inspection of the septic tank, septic tank inlet and outlet pipes, baffles, filter, pumps and controls.
  • Pumping the tank is recommended during the evaluation for a complete inspection.
  • Check the pipes leading from the basement to the septic system
  • Review all items connected to the septic system
  • Dig by hand shovel down to the distribution box and remove top for inspection.
  • Dig test hole into the drain field for inspection of the soil
  • Write up field report and submit to client.

Drain Field Test Hole

Distribution Box Examination